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Psychology services onsite at your school

Engage 1on1 provide Child & Adolescent Psychologists in primary and secondary schools across Melbourne to help young people Engage with Life.
Professional services are delivered at no cost to the school or to parents, supported through the use of GP Mental Health Care Plans.

Evidence based ‘cognitive behaviour therapy’ is used to work through practical strategies and new skills for dealing with life’s many challenges.
We help young people develop ongoing emotional resilience, improved self-confidence, and a positive approach to engaging with life.

Improving outcomes for young people

Engage 1 on 1 assists young people in schools to:

  1.  Become more self-confident and feel in control of their world.
  2.  Shift away from feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or vulnerable
  3.  Become more personally resourceful and resilient
  4.  Increase self awareness and promote emotional intelligence
  5.  Improve social interaction skills and clearer communication
  6.  Foster rational thinking and develop better coping mechanisms
  7.  Promote positive attitudes and self-assurance
  8.  Improve the quality of relationships with friends and family
  9.  Create a clearer sense of life ambitions and long term goals

Working with the Student Wellbeing Team

Our Psychologists work closely with school wellbeing teams, teachers, parents and GPs using Mental Health Care Plans to:

  1.  Provide support for Student Wellbeing Coordinators.
  2.  Increase resources to deal with student needs as they arise.
  3.  Add clinical expertise to assist in managing all types of issues.

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We welcome enquiries from principals, well being teams, school nurses, students and parents wanting further details about our services, and how it works in schools. We are happy to talk on the phone or visit your school.