Frequently Asked Questions

How is the service in Schools free? Are there any hidden costs?

We do not charge a gap for our service in schools, so the entire cost of the session is covered by Medicare once a Mental Health Care plan is in place. The cost for psychological counselling and intervention therapy is fully covered, there are no hidden costs. However, Medicare does not provide rebates for Educational Assessment and Cognitive Assessment tests, such as for intellectual functioning or learning difficulties.

Will the psychologist be qualified/capable of helping me/my child?

All of our psychologists are fully qualified, registered child and adolescent specialist psychologists.

How many sessions will I/my child be entitled to?

A Mental Health Care Plan entitles you to an initial six (6) sessions. A review with your GP is then required after your 6th session. Should you require more sessions your GP can extend your referral. You are entitled to a maximum of 10 sessions per calendar year. Any unused sessions from the GP extension beyond 10 sessions can be used at the start of the following calendar year.

As a school/parent, can we chose our psychologist?

We allocate the most appropriate psychologist we can to your school. In some cases where the need is high, we may allocate more than one psychologist to your school, but in the majority of cases only one psychologist is allocated per school. Rest assured that our psychologists are trained to provide support for all mental health conditions, and are qualified to support you in whatever way your referral requests. We do, however, welcome feedback should you wish to contact us about our services at any time.

What if the doctor won't give me/my child a Mental Health Care plan?

In some cases, GP's may not initiate a Mental Health Care Plan for your child. Some GPs have a view that as a society we over diagnose our children. We agree and are very reluctant to place labels on children. However part of what we do is help children who may be at risk of developing anxiety or other conditions before the issue can escalate into a bigger problem. If you believe your child would benefit from talking with our professional Psychologist, please list your concerns for your doctor illustrating the impact you believe your child's symptoms are having on their current functioning. Your school Wellbeing Coordinator can assist you with this. You can still see the Psychologist without a GP referred Mental Health Care Plan, but without the referral you would need to pay privately as no Medicare rebate would be available.

How often will I/my child be seen?

This depends on the need of each individual, but most often weekly sessions are available for our clients.

Can I access your services outside of school?

All of our school services are provided on school grounds, and cannot be accessed elsewhere. Should you wish to access our services, but feel the school would be an inappropriate venue for your sessions, please feel free to discuss this with us.