Engage with Life

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Our Team of Psychologists

Engage 1on1 has Child Psychologists, Adolescent/Young Adult Psychologists, Adult Women Psychologists, and Adult Men Psychologists

The clinic is located in Northcote, see map. We also provide psychology services in Schools across Melbourne.

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Mental Health Care Plans

You can see a Psychologist at any time with or without a Mental Health Care Plan.

A valid Care Plan is required to receive a Medicare Rebate to offset some of the cost, and you will need to understand the Medicare Rules to avoid claim rejections.

Mental Health Care Plans Explained will help you to make best use of your Medicare entitlements.

Evidence Based Psychology Services

We help people of all ages engage with life.

Services for Children, Adolescents, and Adults include Cognitive Behvioural therapy, Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment, Play therapy, and Self Compassion therapy.

Our Psychologists use evidence based therapies to help clients develop new skills and strategies for overcoming life's challenges.